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The Bipolar Disease

the Bipolar Disease

developmental level of the child. Bipolar 1 is diagnosed differently than bipolar. Manic-depressive re - Emergence of a Two Party System illness, or bipolar disorder, is a psychiatric disorder and brain disease is characterized by severe mood swings, from mania to depression. In 60 - 70 of cases, manic episodes precede or follow depressive episodes in a regular pattern. The illness manifests itself with the individual experiencing episodes of mania or elation followed by low mood or depression. Psychiatr Serv 2006; 57: 93745. Researchers are finding new data that states that bipolar is heredity; its not a fact but still a theory. We thank the scientific medical societies involved in the consensus conference for covering some of the travel costs. The appropriate treatment may include long-term maintenance treatment, if indicated. Conflict of interest statement The authors report the following relationships (in the past 5 years) in addition to connections with the societies or other organizations on whose behalf this article was written: Prof. The following risk factors and predictors may assist differential diagnosis (recommendation grade: statement Positive family history of bipolar disorder.

There is no know cure for the bipolar disorder but it can be treatable with medication and therapy. Partial successes may be overlooked because of the long duration of treatment. All relevant studies identified (primarily randomized clinical trials referring to patients with bipolar disorder, or presenting separate results for this patient group) were critically assessed.

Pfennig A, Weikert B, Falkai P,.: Development of the evidence-based S3 guideline for diagnosis and therapy of bipolar disorders. But if the medicine can keep the patient's bipolar disease under control, why stop taking the medications? Pharmacotherapy is usually an indispensable component of long-term maintenance treatment; in this regard, long clinical experience stands in contrast to considerable deficits in the scientific evidence. Bauer MS, McBride L, Williford WO,.: Collaborative care for bipolar disorder: Part.

It tends to run in families and has a genetic link. . Christian Klesse) and the S3 Guideline Schizophrenia (especially Prof. Mixed states, rapid cycling and psychosis may occur as phases of the disorder. Substance abuse can mask the symptoms of bipolar disorder, so they don't think they need the bipolar medication, or are afraid to mix the two. Episodes of mania and depression eventually can occur again if you don't get treatment. (m sometimes a person with bipolar disorder can become so depressed or manic that she or he does not recognize the need for help and refuses treatment. Simple psychoeducation should be the minimal aim of every medical, psychological, or psychosocial treatment (recommendation grade: statement). He has received reimbursement of attendance fees and travel and accommodation costs from AstraZeneca, as well as speaking fees from AstraZeneca, Lilly, BMS, Lundbeck, and Servier. Nervenarzt 2012; 83: 58794. Briefly, in the absence of contraindications the initial treatment should comprise monotherapy with one of the recommended mood stabilizers (lithium, carbamazepine, valproate one of the recommended atypical antipsychotics (aripiprazole, olanzapine, quetiapine, risperidone, ziprasidone or haloperidol (in emergencies and for short-term treatment) (recommendation grade: B). For the treatment of specific groups of patients and advice on how to proceed in special situations, see ( 2 ) (in German). Decreased sexual function - It's not a very big side effect, but it is an issue for some people who use it as an excuse for non-medicating.

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