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youngest speakers are grandparents and older, and they speak the language partially and infrequently extinct - "there are no speakers left; included in the Atlas if presumably extinct since the 1950s". China, language, status, comments, iSO 639-3, adi language. Applying for a Native Voices Endowment Grant : See the, request for Proposals. Languages as well as the online edition of the afforementioned publication, both published by unesco. Mosiah, Kate, and Robert were three of the five who received NVE fellowships to the 2018 CoLang. Jaeci received an NVE fellowship to attend the 2016 CoLang. Definitely endangered - "children no longer learn the language as mother tongue in the home".

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Severely endangered - " language is spoken by grandparents and older generations; while the parent generation may understand it, they do not speak it to children or among themselves". Also analysis of Television Addiction spoken in: The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey bgx, gag Judezmo Severely endangered 1 Also spoken in: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Morocco, Romania, Turkey, Serbia lad Megleno-Romanian Severely endangered 1 Also spoken in: The. Vulnerable 1, also spoken in: India adi, aluo language, definitely endangered 1 yna, amis language Vulnerable 1 Also spoken in: Taiwan. Unesco defines four levels of language endangerment between "safe" (not endangered ) and "extinct 1, vulnerable, definitely endangered, severely endangered, critically endangered, languages edit, main article: Languages of China. Our most ambitious project, our biggest-ever sale. Ais Northern Tujia language Severely endangered 1 tji Numao Bunu language Definitely endangered 1 bwx Ordos language Definitely endangered 1 drh, khk, mvf Oyrat language Definitely endangered 1 Also spoken in: Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia xal Paiwan language Vulnerable 1 Also spoken in: Taiwan. Xnb Kangjia language Severely endangered 1 kxs Kathu language Definitely endangered 1 ykt Kavalan language Critically endangered 1 Also spoken in: Taiwan. Map created by ELF intern Osama Abdl-haleem 2015. To learn more about the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Exhibit, please visit. An endangered language is a language that it is at risk of falling out of use, generally because it has few surviving speakers. Also spoken in: Republic of Moldova bgx, gag Karaim Critically endangered 1 (Western Ukraine) kdr Mariupolitan Greek Severely endangered 1 ell Nogay Severely endangered 1 (Crimea) nog Plautdietsch Definitely endangered 1 pdt Polesian Vulnerable 1 Also spoken in: Belarus, Poland Pontic Greek Definitely endangered. Ami Amok language Critically endangered 1 Also spoken in: Laos, Burma, Thailand mqt Anung language Critically endangered 1 nun Aqaw Gelao language Critically endangered 1 gio Ayizi language Critically endangered 1 yyz Baheng language Vulnerable 1 pha Baima language Vulnerable 1 bqh Bokar language Vulnerable.

Mosiah Bluecloud, Doug Whalen (Founder, ELF Aaron Broadwell (ELF Board member Kate Bridwell-Briner, Robert Lewis, and Kristine Hildebrandt (ELF VP). 1 hun Gagauz (Bessarabia) Severely endangered 1 Also spoken in: Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia bgx, gag Judezmo Severely endangered 1 Also spoken in: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Morocco, Turkey, Serbia lad Nogay Severely endangered. Kdr Romani Definitely endangered 1 Also spoken in: Albania, Germany, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland. Pwn Pakan language Definitely endangered 1 bbh Patua language Critically endangered 1 mzs Phula language Vulnerable 1 ypa, ypg, ypo, yip, ypn, yhl, ypb, phh, ypm, ypp, yph, ypz Pupeo language Definitely endangered 1 laq Pyuma language Vulnerable 1 Also spoken in: Taiwan.

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