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The Effecs of Censorship

the Effecs of Censorship

argue that a gay child who is not exposed to information about homosexuality may behave in a way that he is told is proper at first. "Self-Censorship and the Elementary School Teacher.". Thus, censorship would allow them to use the web or watch TV without worrying about their minds being corrupted. Without proper sex education, our girls may grow up believing rumors that they hear that may or may not be true. List of Pros of Media Censorship. Another interesting argument regarding this matter is protection of secrets.

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One teacher, who provided a wide range of contemporary literature for her seniors, talked about how she tried to head off potential problems: Anything I read, even for myself, I'm always thinking of bringing into the classroom, and, indeed you'll see my library in there. In sum, if we want teachers to take seriously standards that encourage students to read texts that promote respect for the varied cultures that make up our nation and our world, our profession will collectively have to decide, in one teachers words, "Is this worth. Violates The Rights of Citizens. This makes self-monitoring nearly impossible. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are being banned in some areas because they have racial references that might offend some people. In order to really understand why this issue is driving such a wedge between groups of society, you have to understand who has the most to gain and lose from censorship in modern media. As previously stated, placing the government in charge of what can be shown on the media can be risky. When bias and personal feelings get in the way of the selection process, censorship gets a foothold in our school systems. The students received extensive feedback on the process and reflected on their own research and performance as well (Marilyn Maxwell and Marlene Berman 92-96). Article Table of Contents Skip to section. By censoring certain things, you can effectively prevent plagiarism from happening and other people profiting off of work or content that is not their.

Ancient Views on Censorship
Print Media, Censorship, and Citizen Kane

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