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Steam Distillation

steam Distillation

(the "Hydrosol that can be kept for many purposes) thus allowing interpretation of Todorov you to start the. The kit comes complete with everything necessary to distill your plants. The difference between steam distillation methods is how the steam is introduced into the still. The "open-to-atmosphere" design means that steam pressure can never build up in the system, making the system much safer to operate and insuring that the distillation process will take place at exactly 100 degrees C (at sea level) and not a degree higher! Unlike other steam distillation units on the market, EOV2000 offers true "dry steam" distillation in an all glass (Pyrex) system. Coupled together with ground glass joints, there are no hoses or rubber stoppers in contact with your 's ALL glass! For you tek types with a refrigeration style chiller, you'll need to be able to remove 2000BTU per hour. Begin by placing the plant material you want to use in a still and place it on top of a heat source.

Simple Distillation,

The pressure in pounds must be 0 and the optimal distillation time and temperature is 220 degrees at 24 hours! The oil pH and polarity can even be completely altered! This minimizes the essential oil from being adulterated (changed) by reactive metals such as copper and aluminum. If you're recirculating water with a pump and ice, it'll require 2-3 bags of ice cubes from a grocery store per distillation. Optional components availiable FOR thiis KIT: * Submersible Water pump for recirculating cooling water ( USA Only, not available in 240 volt ) 18 * 5 liter bioflask 100 if purchased with kit instead of 2L bioflask, or 150 separately * Adapter kit that enable. What a fantastic investment for yourself!"-Diane. Some companies dilute it up to 90-95 with solvents or cheaper oils that are similar smelling! The water and oil are then separated out, and the water is referred to as the hydrosol centrus Desktop or hydrolat, or flower or floral water. Here IS what'S IN THE KIT: ALL NEW borosilicate (generically called "pyrex glassware: * 2 liter boiling flask, 24/40 sized ground glass joint and side port for water addition * 2 liter Biomass flask, 24/40 joint on bottom and large 45/50 joint on top.

Distilling essential oils using the straight steam method involves pushing steam through the plant material and then picking up the essential oil. Place your order at our online essential oil store, The Oil Shop! Also, vertical steam distillation seems to produce the best quality oil when distilling essential oils.

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