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Would You Rather Be Deaf Or Blind

would You Rather Be Deaf Or Blind

or to a family reunion? Would you rather be disabled and smart or able and stupid? Would you rather be the worst player on the best team or the best player on a great team? Would you rather eliminate one law of your choice or enact a new law of your choice? Would you rather be short and fit or tall and fat? Would you rather be the sand castle or the wave? Nevertheless, both options are of equal values, maybe slightly different, but the idea is to know why you have chosen one above the other, however, this particular set of would you rather questions are funny. Would you rather Be blind or deaf?

Would you rather be deaf or blind
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would You Rather Be Deaf Or Blind

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Would you rather have a crush on ugly people or have ugly people have a crush on you? Would you rather be completely bald or really hairy and unable to shave? Would you rather eat rotten eggs or cheese? Would you rather be poor but live today or be rich as a king and live over 400 years ago? Would you rather be a wizard or a vampire?

Would you rather meet the rock bands or meet POP bands? Would you rather have 1 wish granted today or 3 wishes granted 5 years from now? The conservator and conservatee (incapacitated person in legal terms, have only a fiduciary relationship; the conservator must act in good faith and only in the best interest of the conservatee. Would you rather eat a handful of hair or lick three public telephones? Would you rather be the first to die among your close friends or be the last one to die? 37 of 50 Would you rather see a great movie.

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