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SouthWest Analysis

southWest Analysis

lower costs and attending customer service (Mouawad, 2010). Top team alignment: The epicenter of strategy execution. Keeping the end in mind, Southwest recently acquired. Economic factors, airline industry is severely affected by fuels costs. Flexible Policies, to ensure its customers have an enjoyable experience, Southwest Airlines has set various policies and procedures that make flying with the airline easy. The company has been operation for more than 40 years and is regarded as one of the most profitable airlines companies. A rise in the price of oil has a major impact upon Southwest Airlines profitability (Mouawad, 2010). From competitive advantage to corporate strategy. The Right Recruits, while Southwest Airlines' entire business model is important, arguably the most valuable competitive advantage has been is its deep focus on hiring the right people. In addition, Southwest goes above and beyond in providing ever essential access for its customers to make any necessary changes quickly and easily through their: mobile site or app, self-service kiosk, ticket counter, or departure gate (Southwest Airlines, 2013). In terms of capacity, AirTran expanded Southwests network by about 25, making Southwest the largest domestic carrier based on the number of passengers flown (Team, 2014).

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Shekera Alvarado MBA 700: Strategic Management Southern New Hampshire University. OD Practitioner, 41(2 3036. Running Head: strategic analysis 19 Management System complete with environmental and sustainability training for employees, and modernization program, environmental stewardship is a responsibility Southwest Airlines takes seriously, and efficient operations are the hallmark of our Company and the foundation of our environmental commitment (Southwest Citizenship. This deliberate act of strategy has enabled the company to remain a leader within the airline industry by having a direct result of access into foreign markets. E., Strickland III,. Not to mention the huge discount received by the plan manufacturer. Increased competition due to the emergence of other low-price, no frill carriers. (1957) Strategies for Diversification. Lastly, the rivalry among competing sellers would include those airlines who are in direct competition with Southwest such as American Airlines and Jet Blue.

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