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Product Strategy and Tactical Plan

product Strategy and Tactical Plan

comparison to the physical product has one important limitation. As ProductPlan co-founder Jim Semick explains, by grouping initiatives together into themes, you can organize your roadmap in a way that describes the value to customers and other stakeholders. For example, if your company measures success based on a Net Promoter Score, can you tie one or more themes to that? This on-going approach will stop you wasting too much time, money and effort on marketing that doesnt work. Boil your strategies down to their very essence to create a set of themes. Tweet This: Boil your strategies down to their very essence to create a set of themes. Keep a cool head and think, Where are my customers?

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The product is the companys offer on the market, including the characteristics of the properties (Nowotny 1993: 69-70 physical product, its quality, scale of product, package, quantitative units, name, necessary services, guarantee, service, returns. This can be evaluated by using perceptual maps (see Fig. From there, my fellow product managers and I developed a set of product strategies that allowed us to identify the products and initiatives that would translate to an executable product roadmap. Keeping it simple and concise allows you to capture what really matters and focus on the higher-level goals. Thats a lot of wasted time and money. Keep in mind this was before the days of iOS and Android. Remember that if he wants to drive from point A to point B, it does not necessarily mean that he would buy a car. And then choose your marketing tactics to make sure that you are in the places they are, communicating with them in a way they can relate. Brand helps the client express himself, define the social group he belongs.

For example, the theme Voice Control from above may mean different things to different people. Another easy trap to fall into, especially if your company is used to shiny-object syndrome feature-based roadmaps, is to focus on the solution, not the problem. It was a strategy that served us well for many years; however, after the emergence of smartphones, we floundered a bit because that strategy no longer helped us effectively prioritize the problems that our customers were having. Of course you should involve your stakeholders in the roadmapping process, but start earlier by including them in the theme identification process. What are the KPIs you will measure? Every now and then, a tour guide sees something of interest or encounters a road block and decides to change direction. You can take your existing products and sell them into a new market: market development. Although your companys vision should be evergreen and serve as the anchor that holds everything together, your roadmap needs to be a living document that reflects current conditions.

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