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Biography of Robert Penn Warren

biography of Robert Penn Warren

a language in which he can slip easily from necessary precept to casual observation, cosmic vision to particular sighting. The seven novels of the second group span Warren's own lifetime and follow one another in roughly chronological order. He saw nothing unusual in the fact that he made notable contributions to both, remarking to Baker that a poem for me and a novel are not so different. The New Criticisma method of analyzing a work of art that focuses attention on the works intrinsic value as an object in and of itself, more or less independent of outside influences (such as the circumstances of its composition, the reality it creates, the effect. When he is good, and often even when he is bad, you had as soon read Warren as live. About all of Warrens work there is a gusto and masculine force, a willingness to risk bathos and absurdity, reminiscent of the writer who, Warren has said, has had the greatest influence on his own workShakespeare. Grimshaw,., Robert Penn Warren: A Descriptive Bibliography 1922-79 (1981).

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In 1956 he published Segregation: The Inner Conflict the Establishment of the Japanese Archipelago in the South, an analysis of the dilemma Southerners faced in dealing with entrenched attitudes toward race. Richard Jackson offers a similar description in the. It is excitingly massive and moulded and full of momentum. This essay was followed in 1965 by Who Speaks for the Negro?, a volume of interviews conducted with leaders of the civil rights movement. In 1921 Warren entered, vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn., where he joined a group of poets who called themselves the. In a very important way, says Warren in retrospect, that group was my education. Explains Hadas: Part of the problem seems to be an inordinate ambition for grandeur; part is what feels to me like haste. But above all, concludes Dickey, Robert Penn Warren looks, and refuses to look away. This search eventually leads to recognition of the worlds fallen state and, consequently, of the selfs innate depravity, to use Strandbergs phrase. His is work of absolute formal and intellectual integrity.

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