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Antigone Suffers an Unjust Punishment

antigone Suffers an Unjust Punishment

does the failure of Tieresiass sacrifice have to do with Polynices and Antigone? As for me, I will bury him; and if I die for that, I am content. There are plenty of women heroines, but it is hard for them to get a good press. Rather focus on the contrast between what is and what ought. Epaphus bore Lybia who mated with Poseidon to produce Agenor. Men sometimes kill themselves if they lose their lovers. Power is always dangerous if it is mis-directed. Question: How did Antigone pluto: The Ninth Planet suffer from the sins of her father? Answer: Like Antigone you may have to suffer the punishment before anyone realizes the injustice.

The Just Versus, unjust, essay Example for Free
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Answer: fatboy slim bio Conventions are symbols and ways of understanding. (How many miseries our father has caused! Answer: Sophocles and, antigone, Creon, and Polyneices. We certainly get these from Antigone. Sophocles has to be admired for the perfection of his craft. Oedipus Rex and, antigone may be the most perfect ever.

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