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The Origins of Afro - Caribbean Dance

the Origins of Afro - Caribbean Dance

their music to Mexico City in the era of the famous films of that country (Perez Prado, most famous.). By the 1980s it had grown into the largest street festival in Europe and the second largest in the world. This derives from the Latin words carne and vale meaning goodbye to meat and reflects the practice of abstaining from meat during Lent. This "finish" does not occur because the Colombian does not play Salsa, but it does not play to the rhythm of the Puerto Rican/Post-Cuban Salsa.

Salsa is similar to Mambo in that both have a pattern of six steps danced over eight counts of music. It is here where Contra-Danze (Country Dance) of England/France, later called Danzn, which was brought by the French who fled from Haiti, begins to mix itself with Rhumbas of African origin (Guaguanco, Colombia, Yamb). The word carnival is believed to be taken from the Italian carnevale. Angolan music not only influenced Samba music, but many other Latin American music genres and dances.

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With the abolition of slavery in the 1800s, Caribbean ex-slaves took to the streets to celebrate newfound freedoms and to display the African spirit. In New York, for example, new instrumentalization and extra percussion were added to some Colombian songs so that New Yorkers - that dance mambo "on the two" - can feel comfortable dancing to the rhythm and beat of the song, because the original arrangement. Samba is a dance authentic to black/African people in Brazil who brought much of their music and dance culture into Latin America with, them upon arrival into many Latin American countries. Salsa is not easily defined. This signified discarding the old to make way for the new.

The dances share many of the same moves. A look at the origin of Salsa. In the early years, the carnival remained a very small affair, but by the mid-1970s the carnival had been embraced by many other local West Indian communities. Samba music is very similar to many Angolan music genres. The Samba music rhythm has been danced in Brazil since its inception in the late 16th century. If you think that a single place can take the credit for the existence of Salsa, you are wrong. The spread of the modern carnival began with the migration of West Indians to Europe and North America.

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