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Racism: A Human Problem

racism: A Human Problem

not have the political will and wont present obstacles, or that these low-income residents need the jobs and will not complain. The first step involved giving the children a survey which asked questions about their attitudes toward different groups. While most people in Australia today accept the diversity of our society, some also believe racial groups should not mix. Brussels, Belgium in 1958, only decades before, in the late 1800s, Europe had been filled with, human zoos, in cities like Paris, Hamburg, Antwerp, Barcelona, London, Milan, and Warsaw. Black Africans were shown as savage hunters, spears and all, just a step above wild animals even though most Africans of the time were herders and farmers. We have made progress there's no doubt about that but there's still a long way. I would counsel some caution in going down this route.

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We know, of course, that the White Australia policy was fully dismantled by the 1970s. It can also hurt peoples freedom and dignity. They are the ghosts of this purgatory, waiting for a ticket home. But yet if we were to look at whether mobility has played out within our organisations and institutions, particularly in leadership, you would not find such diversity yet being reflected. People can forget that racism is as much about impact as it is about intent.

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