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Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty

roman Empire and the Han Dynasty

resurgent Persians. The Han Empire was the empire of the Chinese Han imperial dynasty ( 206 BC-220 AD) Yes, the Han Dynasty was indeed an empire. It was named in opposition to his main rival who was nicknamed "Xi Chu ba wang. The Roman Empire was an empire the Rome built during antiquity. Because it was a significant factor in the development of industries and advancement of technology.

No such thing in Chinese history. The Han Dynasty was the longest reigning Dynasty in China. NBasically, this two dynasties are different on the basic of different government and capital.

Both were very vast and both were raided by barbarians. It had the most influence to today China's culture. The Roman and Han empires developed in total isolation of one another yet both rose to dominate their entire known world and more. The Han dynasty lasted much longer and was much larger.

When looking at these two great powers it might be apparent that the Han Dynasty would have lasted longer because of the way it was run in contrast to the Roman Empire. The Han dynasty, because of natural disasters and the good of their civilization, were pushed to improve on technology while the Roman empire admired their great, unneeded innovations. 1 - The British Empire as they controlled.6 million km of the Earth in 1922. Since he's the opposite of Chu ba wang, it's appropriate to call his land "Han". Chu he han jie the battlefield on the Chinese chessboard. Nearly every educated person spoke Greek so it was common to transact political or government business in Greek if dealing with non-Latin speakers.

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