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an attempt to maximize their returns. The Bounty Effect: 7 Steps to The Culture of Collaboration Rosen, Evan. In 1981, the PMI Board of Directors authorized the development of what has become A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (pmbok standards and guidelines of practice that are widely used throughout the profession. The first documented discussion of game theory is in a letter written by James Waldegrave, 1st Earl Waldegrave in 1713. In its applied sense a) collaboration is a purposeful relationship in which all parties strategically choose to cooperate in order to accomplish a shared outcome." 4, contents, examples edit. Community organization: Intentional Community edit Organization and cooperation between community members provides economic and social benefits Main article: intentional community The members of an intentional community typically hold a common social, political or spiritual vision. 35 However, a four-year study of interorganizational collaboration found that successful collaboration can be rapidly derailed through external policy steering, particularly where it undermines relations built on trust. 10 Children from indigenous-heritage communities want to help around the house voluntarily. Journal of Service Research. (See section on "Cultures of Changemaking and the Collaborative Logic px px Echavarria, Martin, (2015).

The F-A-E Sonata, a sonata for violin and piano, written in 1853 as a gift for the violinist Joseph Joachim. People are able to rapidly communicate and share ideas, crossing longstanding geographical and cultural boundaries. Further details, amel Massa, new York Association of Collaborative Professionals. "The Neuroscience of Sharing".

5 Trade exists because different communities have a comparative advantage in the production of tradable goods. The value of this project as an influence on organized collaboration is attributed to Vannevar Bush. 18 Academia edit Black Mountain College edit Founded in 1933 by John Andrew Rice, Theodore Dreier and other former faculty of Rollins College, Black Mountain College was experimental by nature and committed to an interdisciplinary approach, attracting a faculty which included leading visual artists, poets. Doi:10.1016/j.tate.2012.05.006 Cook,., Friend. 34 Studies have found that collaboration can increase achievement and productivity. Kevin J Graziano, Lori A Navarrete. 33 Technology has provided the internet, wireless connectivity and collaboration tools such as blogs and wikis, and has as such created the possibility of " mass collaboration ". Tools include Usenet, e-mail lists, blogs and Wikis while ' brick and mortar ' examples include monographs (books) and periodicals such as newspapers, journals and magazines.

Not only can a group cheaply communicate, but the wide reach of the Internet allows groups to easily form, particularly among dispersed, niche participants. Wolff-Michael Roth and Stuart Lee of the University of Victoria assert 19 that until the early 1990s the individual was the 'unit of instruction' and the focus of research. License(s Texas 2006, further details, jennifer Davis, connecticut Collaborative Divorce Group. An example of this is the free software movement in software development which produced GNU and Linux from scratch and has taken over development of Mozilla and OpenOffice.

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