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Discussion about Road Not Taken

discussion about Road Not Taken

the consequences of our decisions for a short while into our future. The link to Wikisource is more than adequate for those who want to read the full poem. Throughout the poem the composer uses the two paths as a metaphor to take the path of conformity and to the path of the individual. The Author chooses the path of conformity as the line".took the one less travelled." but the following line ".And that has made all the difference." means that taking the path of an individual can be harder and more perilous and far less inviting but. See related answers below.

It is in narrative form. That is, it was definitely less traveled, but even a less traveled road gets more traveled when the author travels. M, categories, literature Language, books and Literature, authors, Poets, and Playwrights.

A Discussion of My Last Duches, The History And Discussions on Budhha,

I love your writing skills Robert Frost! Ahkat ( talk ) 07:26, (UTC) Also, Wikipedia:WikiProject Poetry#Individual poems recommends including the full text for short poems. I will not make any changes to the page as I am not ignorant enough to pretend that my opinion is the only one that matters yet it may be a good idea not to make any kind of attempt of explicating the poem. He portrait as a Form of Rebellion was hard on himself that way." Kap42 ( talk ) 23:11, 16 December 2007 (UTC) See the SparkNotes page for the poem and you will see a careful explication backed up by references to the text. In life there are many situations when we have to choose between what is wrong and what is right and in this situation we should think from our mind as well as heart.

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