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What is Rationalism?

what is Rationalism?

them, Descartes, Leibniz, Spinoza are not just rational thinkers but speculative thinkers, and we need to exercise caution to avoid a type of misunderstanding that often arises in presenting the work of speculative thinkers. WikiPedant 05:14, (UTC) JA: FYI, it persausion: Movie Review isn't really necessarly to change links except to fix double redirects, which is usually a lot less work. Moreover, if our experience of a red table contains the information that something is red, then that fact, not the existence of a reliable belief-forming process between the two, should be the reason why the experience warrants our belief. We need to come up with as many new ideas as we can, then let the process of criticism weed out the less workable ones. If you have discovered URLs which were erroneously considered dead by the bot, you can report them with this tool. Srnec 18:32, (UTC) JA: In the realm of lingusitics we have the rational concepts of a Language, a Sentence, a Noun Phrase, a Verb Phrase, and.

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Nothing in the section I deleted (which doesn't include a single citation) gives any reason to think that Socrates belongs in the Rationalist category. Jon Awbrey 20:10, (UTC) "I have documented what rationalism normally means in philosophy." Yes, you have; but in an article entitled, specifically, continental rationalism. Edit Have I got anything wrong, but Neoplatonism is kind of a philosophy dealing mostly with gods and heavenly hierarchies. JA: Or maybe we should reserve the term rationalist for the thinker who is not merely a user of rational concepts but who asserts and truly believes that he or she has no need of anything else but rational concepts well, they usually say. As a user with a PhD in Philosophy, I think that (a) the current Continental Rationalism article provides a sober, satisfactory description of some of the modern rationalist philosophers, but (b) the current Rationalism article veers into what many academic philosophers think of as fringe. Cookie Use and, data Transfer outside the. The basic tenet is the pertinence of rational concepts, or concepts of the reason, and it is thus a minimal form of opposition to nominalism. What are the big three traditions. In this way, science moves forward by weeding out bad theories, so to speak. He regularly refers to Leibniz by name and calls his ideas "laughable" at least once. Jon Awbrey 03:58, (UTC) Agreed.

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