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Queen Elizabeths Dissatisfaction

queen Elizabeths Dissatisfaction

much so, that senior members like the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall refused to pose for the magazine shots. But in a week in which the Queen overtook Victoria as Britain's longest-lived monarch, Starkey has delivered a less than rose-tinted verdict on the head of state, accusing her of philistinism and being uninterested in her predecessors, largely due to being poorly educated. There the Princess was taught to read by her mother. At the time, Ian Gibson, a Labour MP, said: "The British public would expect the Queen to rise above being pictured in the pages. Life Style magazine have reported that the Queen and her grandson Prince William have exchanged angry words, with William wanting Kate to step back from royal duties permanently. The Queen apparently adopts a no nonsense attitude when it comes to the Royals public appearances. The future royal has caused Duchess Kate problems, with her missing a number of royal engagements due to morning sickness.

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queen Elizabeths Dissatisfaction

Monarchy series, to be broadcast on Boxing Day, openly wonders whether it is time for the monarchy to divest itself of the Church of England. An inside source told the mag: The 91-year-old monarch was livid that the future Queen of England would want to lessen her duties. This, said Starkey, reminded him of "a housewife" who'd been left some wonderful possessions. Shes happiest being a mother and wife and has analysis of Cunnamulla requested to do less in the public eye. Time for reading at large is limited, for the formal educational regimen is treated seriously. But King George's two daughtersfor Princess Elizabeth is happily not, like Princess Victoria, an only childare well-provided also with teachers of special subjects, such as French, German, and music. He (William) told her Kate wants her public appearances kept to a minimum and hes 100 behind her. Princess Elizabeth today reads history with the Vice-Provost of Eton, on the basis of such works as Trevelyan's. "You remember: 'Every time I hear the word culture I reach for my revolver.' ".

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