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Managing Diversity in the Workplace

managing Diversity in the Workplace

an environment that makes employees feel like a part of the bigger team. Managing diversity is a planning and implementing organizational systems and practices to manage people so that the potential advantages of diversity are maximized while its potential disadvantages are minimized.

In the past, diversity was treated primarily as a legal issue; that is, for well over 40 years it has been directed against the law to discriminate against anyone. After trial: 299 p/m. If immigrants are being overworked, thats an indicator of how these people are treated outside the workforce. Establish a Diversity Council, the diversity council deals with the development, implementation, and review of the action plan for cultivating diversity. To build trust among reflections on Kim by Rudyard Kipling employees, managers should implement team-building exercises. When it comes to diversity in the workplace, although weve come a long way, were still not where we need to be, which is where you come. We will not share your personal information with any third party. Diverse workplaces dont just help the organization thrive, but they also contribute to the growth of the individuals within. Bookboon Premium - Gain access to over 800 eBooks - without ads.

Managers monitoring the employees should know the discrimination laws and the consequences of breaking them. Workplaces reflect society, what you see in the workplace is a great indication of whats going on in our society. Diversity in the workplace hasnt always been accepted, much less encouraged, but the fight for equality among individuals of different genders, races, ages, and sexual orientations is beginning to pay off, and workplaces are far better for.

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