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The Republic of Plato

the Republic of Plato

the end of this allegory, Plato asserts that it is the philosopher's burden to reenter the cave. Glaucon says that if people had the power to do injustice without fear of punishment, they would not enter into such an agreement. 21 For Hegel, Plato's Republic is not an abstract theory or ideal which is or too good for the real nature of man, but rather is not ideal enough, not good enough for the ideals already inherent or nascent in the reality of his time;. Philosophers are the only ones who recognize and find pleasure in what is behind the multiplicity of appearances, namely the single Form (476a-b). .

More practically, Socrates suggests that members of the lower classes could rise to the higher ruling class, and vice versa, if they had 'gold' in their veinsa version of the concept of social mobility. The only reason that men are just and praise justice is out of fear of being punished for injustice. Justice is different under different political regimes according to the laws, which are made to serve the interests of the strong (the ruling class in each regime, 338e-339a). . Platos Utopia Recast (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002). The Academy operated until 529.E., when it was closed by Roman Emperor Justinian I, who feared it was a source of paganism and a threat to Christianity. In the third, or late, period, Socrates is relegated to a minor role and Plato takes a closer look at his own early metaphysical ideas. Some have argued that the Republic is neither a precursor of these political positions nor does it fit any of them. . The other significant event was the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta, in which Plato served for a brief time between 409 and 404.C.E. Some indicate that Socrates discussion of political matters is meant, in part, to provide us with Platos critique of Greek political life. .

Interpreters of the Republic have presented various arguments concerning the issue of whether the dialogue is primarily about ethics or about politics. . Plato founded the Academy in Athens, one of the first institutions of higher learning in the Western world. Justice of the Sophist Introduction.1II.10. In turn, the foregoing are framed with the Prologue (Book I) and the Epilogue (Book X).

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