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The Gorgias: by Plato

the Gorgias: by Plato

A dialogue of Plato's bears his name. The term sophist in classical Greek was a general appellation denoting a "wise man." They were important figures in Greece in the 4th and 5th centuries, and their social success was great. Sophistry was viewed by Plato as the epitome of false rhetoric because its primary aim was to initiate a belief rather than to convey knowledge. Critics Gorgias' most famous critic is Plato.

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The famous Gorgias is not depicted as an immoralist, and the eager Polus even goes so far (482 D) as to agree with the Socratic dictum 'it is more disgraceful to commit than to suffer wrong'. But for Plato there still remained the problem how to relate Socrates' answer, which must have been right, to the lives of other men. Average rating:.81 (86 ratings) more details, gorgias (Paperback published May 30th 1960 by Penguin Classics L94. In it, Gorgias attempts to take the weaker argument and make it the stronger one, by arguing for a position contrary to well-established opinion: in this case, the opinion that Helen was to blame for the Trojan War. George Norlin and LaRue Van Hook. Novata: Chandler Sharp, 1987. In addition to this, it can be understood as an exercise in sophistical rhetoric; Gorgias tackles an argument that is seemingly impossible to refute, namely that, after considering our world, we must come to the conclusion that "things exist." His powerful argument to the contrary. Gorgias argues that Helen succumbed either to (a) physical force (Paris' abduction (b) love ( eros or (c) verbal persuasion ( logos and in any instance, she cannot be blamed for her actions.

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