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Nature Of Evil In Young Goodman Brown

nature Of Evil In Young Goodman Brown

of man at an early age. Brown describes her as, blessed angel on earth and promises that after this one night, he will, cling to a breif history of Pracy her skirts and follow her to heaven (2207). Or is he something much more complex? Hawthorne creates a serious and somber tone throughout much of the story. Hawthorne is suggesting that everyone at some point experiences the struggle between good and evil within themselves. Bereft of spiritual faith, his dying hour was gloom (2216). Chew on This, try on an opinion or two, start a debate, or play the devils advocate. He says to the stranger, my mind is made. As stated earlier, Hawthornes goal is to show the discovery of evil can lead one to utter desperation and cynicism. Is he a hero who recognizes and despises evil? Upon entering the forest, it does not take long for the stranger to lure Brown in deeper causing him to abandon his former convictions.

In the end, the minister points out how all the townspeople have treated him poorly, neglecting their own sin and focusing on his. Thus, Hawthornes choice of setting is instrumental in the development of theme. Thus, his journey is one many people have traveled in the past and will travel in the future.

And find homework help for other Young Goodman Brown questions at eNotes. Good man Brown demonstrate the devil s claim that Evil is the nature. Get an answer for In Young Goodman Brown, Satan says Evil is t he nature of mankind. How is this true?

Brown learns the nature of evil and, therefore, feels surrounded by its presence constantly. Okay, so it's not quite. In this story, Hawthorne shows that human nature is a mixture of good and evil by creating an everyman characteryoung Goodman Brownwho has both good and evil thoughts. What makes it even more astonishing for Brown is that these sinners are people he recognizes to be pious and upstanding figures in the community. Brown knows the stranger is the devil and the staff will only lead him to evil. His attitude stems from the fact that his great-great-grandfather, Judge John Hathorne presided over the Salem Witch Trials in 1692, and Hawthorne so wished to distance himself from the memory of his ancestor that he added the "w" to his last name. . It is this experience which ultimately affects his outlook of the world. Brown begins his journey almost enthusiastically and with great faith. He ponders the hypocrisy of the town as well as that of the Puritans. Brown is the medium through which he is able to achieve this goal. Are there hierarchies of good and evil? Not another step will I budge on this errand a reflection to the Cold War: Lord if the Flies (2211).

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