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Comparing Rap and Blues Music

comparing Rap and Blues Music

statements. Music Rubric, today, blues and country music are considered as significantly different forms of American music. Discussion Overall, this present outsourcing and Corporate Strategy study was conducted to explore the effects of two extremes of music genres on emotional aggression and behavioral aggression among listeners. Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, 13, 64-69. Results indicated that musical intervention lowered blood pressure significantly more in the music group compared to the control group.

Jamaican music had a tremendous effect on American rap music.
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Today, blues and country music are considered as significantly different forms of American music.
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comparing Rap and Blues Music

Results Two extremes of music genres were used to determine musics influence on aggression. Methodology, participants 75 volunteers were used for this study. Language and music in the musician brain. Doi:.1080/ Gebauer,., Kringelbach,.L. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 63, 452-459 Buss,. It then migrated to the west coast cities, such as Los Angeles, California. Since auditory information of lyrics is translated in the language area of the brain, an area also activated by emotional processes, language from lyrics may give listeners perceptions of emotion.

comparing Rap and Blues Music

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