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Socrates: The Apology

socrates: The Apology

poem about the creation of the universe by the gods, and The Works and Days, a type of "wisdom" poem, were almost as important in Greece as the. What would not a man give if he might converse with Orpheus and Musaeus (5) and Hesiod (6) and Homer? The only kind of eloquence for which he has any use is that which sets forth the truth in language so plain that they can all understand. This is what happened when Socrates was credited with certain doctrines that had been taught by Anaxagoras, the physical scientist. In the Apology of Socrates, Meletus agrees to be cross-examined by Socrates, whose questions lead Meletus into a semantic trap.

The Philosophical Provocation of Socrates, Moses Mendelssohn: A Jewish Socrates,

To those who voted for his aquittal (39e-42a) Socrates notes that his Diamon never attempted to disuade him from anything that he said. Retrieved September 11, 2017. Only on two occasions had his actions been in conflict with the constituted authorities of the land, and in both of these he had been commanded to do things that were either unconstitutional or in direct violation of the demands of justice. Since it was generally understood that the function of the court was to make justice prevail, nothing less than what he had proposed would be a just compensation for his lifelong services to the state. Who would voluntarily corrupt the youth?

The Apology of Socrates (Greek:, Apologia Sokratous; Latin: Apologia Socratis by Plato, is the Socratic dialogue that presents the speech of legal self-defence, which Socrates presented at his trial for impiety and corruption, in 399.
The jury finds, socrates guilty.
Socrates Proposal for his Sentence There are many reasons why I am not grieved, O men of Athens, at the vote of condemnation.
The Apology is believed to be the most authentic account that has been preserved of, socrates defense of himself as it was presented before the, athenian Council.

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