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The Suzhou River

the Suzhou River

noir-like characters on the margins of society, and the playing with genre conventions. Start your free trial. The film ends with the ambiguous death of both Mardar and Moudan, leaving the viewer to decide if it was an accident or suicide. "BBC - BBC Four Cinema - Suzhou River". Mardar is then arrested and imprisoned. Retrieved a b c d e f g Rooney, David.

2 The British Film Institute, for example, named Suzhou River as its "movie of the month" for December 2000, writing that, "in the end, it's hard not to be swept up by the strong current of Suzhou River: a seductive and atmospheric conundrum that works. Meimei (Zhou Xun a performer at a dive bar in Shanghai. Lou Ye, who spent his youth on the banks of the Suzhou, shows the river as a Chinese Styx, in which forgotten stories and mysteries come together. An anonymous videographer (. 4, contents, the story follows the transient lives of four people at the margins of Chinese society. News Features, view All). Copyrights and trademarks for the dorama, and other promotional materials are the property of their respective owners. 5 7 8 Suzhou River's thematic use of water (in this case the titular river) and its plot of men obsessed with a woman/women who may not be who she/they say they refer back to Hitchcock's earlier film.

2 Yao Anlian as Boss ( Jib Lobn "Bar Boss another conspirator. At first, Meimei brushes off Mardar's advances, until he tells her of his sordid past. "Film Festival Review; A Chill Scene for Shadowy Characters". During their brief encounters on his motorcycle, Mardar and Moudan fall in love. Works cited Silbergeld, Jerome (2004). There are no featured audience reviews yet. Beautifully written and engaging story of romance and determination.

Mardar, a motorcycle courier in his mid-twenties, rides all over the city with all kinds of packages for his clients. Locals chilling out by the banks in all sorts of activities from dancing, chatting, exercising. Jia Hongsheng as a man obsessed with finding a woman from his past. Ml a b c Scott,.O. Even Scott, however, could not deny the allure of the film's atmospherics, describing the film as providing "impeccable attitude life After High School Eassay and captivating atmosphere." 5 Ultimately, two review aggregators reflect the film's general reception by western critics. View All Audience Reviews, suzhou River,"s. Though at first the youth resists his precocious passenger's advances, the two soon fall for one another. This is the version as the director intended it. Jia Hongsheng as Mardar ( Md a small-time crook and motorcycle courier.

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