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In Search For The First Americans

in Search For The First Americans

behind their distinctive stone tools across what is now the contiguous.S. Putting Flesh on the Ancient Bones. So the Harvard lab teamed up with researchers in Brazil to collect more samples from Amazonian groups to investigate the matter. Experiments have shown that dogs can haul about 27 kilograms, Fiedel says. The prevailing theory is that the first Americans arrived in a single wave, and all Native American populations today descend from this one group of adventurous founders. Fiedel, an archaeologist at the Louis Berger Group, headquartered in Morristown,.J., that hunter-gatherers in Beringia decided to explore it after watching flocks of waterfowl head south in the fall and return in the spring. Erlandson and Braje now think this trail of technology marks out an early migration route along the northern Pacific Rim, a coastal highway loaded with food. "Scientists believe that because Kennewick Man's head measurement does not match ours, he is not Native American. One branch of this family tree moved north to Siberia, while the other spread south to New Guinea and Australia. Moreover, a study published in 1994 revealed that dogs carrying 13 kilograms of gear could travel as far as 27 kilometers a day, provided the temperature remained cool. Kennewick Man, for instance, had a stone spear point in his hip.

The Story of the First Americans.
When did modern humans colonize the Americas?
New techniques of molecular genetic analysis, and a reinvigorated search for early archaeological sites across the western hemisphere, recently have led to some astounding results.

It is often alleged, in grave error, that the corridor region has been well investigated, when in fact it is vast, and we know little about it, Ives asserts. It is easily the best evidence for pre-Clovis in North America, says Vance. The oldest, broadly accepted evidence of humans in the northern corridor dates to some 12,000 years ago, but Ives thinks future archaeological surveying could well turn up much earlier sites. Science striking evidence of early seafarers at a newly discovered site on Santa Rosa Island located just off the southern California coast.

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Whether the migrants cooled their heels in Beringia, however, or somewhere else in northeastern Asia, people eventually began striking off farther east and south. In 2008, a team studying. Theres another early population that founded modern Native American populations, says study coauthor. A far different chronicle of the First Americans is therefore emerging from the clash of theories and discoveries that one anthropologist calls "skull wars." According to the evidence of stones and bones, long before Ellis Island opened its doors America was a veritable Rainbow Coalition. Fashioned from a lustrous local chert found near Buttermilk Creek, the blades and other tools are remarkably compact and lightweight, some measuring no more than a few centimeters in length. Huge glaciers capped the mountain valleys of northeastern Asia, at the same time massive ice sheets mantled most of Canada, New England and several northern states. Jefferson was curious enough about the prehistory of America that when he dispatched Lewis and Clark to survey the West, he asked them to look for signs of ancient settlements. The Shoshone-Bannock demanded custody of Buhl Woman and reburied her. But there's a twist. Some Americans resent the newfound wealth of some tribes, and "if the discoveries make today's Native Americans just another Ellis Island group, it makes it hard for them to preserve their sovereignty.". A fracture at his left temple was still healing; deep abscesses in his gums shot bolts of pain into his skull.

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