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Character Development in King Lear

character Development in King Lear

a tragedy according to Aristotle- a genre Shakespeare adapted in King Lear and many of his. We are still left with one question, a question that is not normally left on the minds of the spectator of a Shakespeare tragedy: Is Edmund truly and evil or is the text merely revealing what may be the affect of the times. Goneril and Regan develop a passion for Edmund during this time, and begin to brawl over his love. (I.ii.16) This revealing monologue first brings about Edmunds plans to bring down both his brother and his father while not revealing himself as the assailant to this terrible crime. But what art thou That hast this fortune on me? Lear is also treated as a rag-doll being tossed from one to the other and is left outside to endure the storm. However, his older brother Edgar is not of this status and is capable of taking control of his fathers territory.

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Action causes Development of a Virtuous Personality

In continuing the portrait that Shakespeare paints of Edmund, we can see that throughout Act III Edmund commits senseless acts of treason to his father, both verbally and physically. The Earl of Gloucester has a similar problem to that of Lear, since his two sons were internally battling for right to control his lands at the hands of his death. In some ways the answer is no: he doesnt completely recover his sanity and emerge as a better king. The only person that may know the correct answer is long gone, and along with it the mystery of Edmund the Bastard. (V.ii.162) Knowing that he is on his deathbed, Edmund discloses his plans and that the Duke of Albany is correct in his accusations. But his values do change over the course of the play. To both these sisters I have sworn my love; Each jealous of the other, as the stung Are of the adder.

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