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History of the Rideau Canal

history of the Rideau Canal

in Ottawa webpage. According to unesco, as a World Heritage Site, the Rideau Canal represents a masterpiece of creative genius and meets the 10 different criteria needed to secure such a prestigious designation. Talk to the lockstaff. Dwight, John By and the Rideau Canal, Irwin Publishing, Toronto, 1986. For a more complete Rideau Canal bibliography, see my Rideau Bibliography page). The book even answers the question of why there is a puzzled-looking dog on the front cover.

Six locks were proposed at the Burritts Rapids end to lift the canal the required elevation (about 55 feet - 17 m). Van Cortlandt, Gertrude, The Rise and Progress, The City of Ottawa, Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa, 1858. Have them show you in detail how everything works. May They Rest In Peace. Legget, Robert, John By; Builder of the Rideau Canal, Founder of Ottawa, Historical Society of Ottawa, Ottawa, 1982.

Lockwood, Glenn., Smiths Falls, A Social History of the Men and Women in a Rideau Canal Community, Town of Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, 1994. What existed here prior to the lock being built? In the warmer months, the canal is a haven for walkers, runners, in-line skaters and cyclists, who stroll along its scenic, rolling green banks. Its not a natural embankment; its a dam, built of rock, gravel and clay hand hewn from the ground, carried to the site by cart and wheelbarrow. Colonel By fall from grace? It is also the only canal dating back to the nineteenth century North American canal-building era to remain operational with most of its original structures intact. Who is the ghost of Watson's Mill?

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Double Edged Sword

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Patanjali and the Forman

This tradition is discussed by Meulenbeld 17 who traces this "relatively late" idea back to Bhoja (11th century who was perhaps influenced by a verse by Bharthari (ca. Woods, James

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Theory Capital Punishment

The deontological objection to the death penalty asserts that the death penalty is "wrong" by its nature, mostly due to the fact that it amounts to the violation of the

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Lincolns Gettysburg address

Hay Copy, believed to be the second draft of the speech, President Lincoln gave this copy to John Hay, a White House assistant. It is rather for us, the living

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Qualities of a King

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