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Charlemagne: Known as Charles The Great

charlemagne: Known as Charles The Great

Middle Ages and made it a long way. Charlemagne was the franks' greatest ruler. He had educational and clerical reforms, and preached on discipline, learning, and piety. As the king of the Frankish kingdom, Frankia, from 768, he started recovering order after the collapse of the Roman Empire in the Dark Ages. Charlemagne increased the size of the Frankish kingdom to include most of the area of present France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland, and parts of Austria, Italy, and Spain. Charlemagne means Charles the Great.

Great 135 becoming, charlemagne in English after the Norman conquest of England. Charlemagne, also known as, charles, i and, charles the. Great, was a medieval emperor who ruled over most of Europe and brought.

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In English, his name was Charles. Why was Charlemagne a successful ruler? Also his favorite sword is said to have been one called Joyeuse. Charlemagne caused large numbers of pagans to convert to Christianity. He fostered education, built schools, and issued new, and rather wise, legal codes. Charlemagne is said always to have carried a sword. Emperors Justinian and Charlemagne had similarities and differences in the way they ruled.

charlemagne: Known as Charles The Great

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