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A Posteriori Agrument Supportin Life After Death

a Posteriori Agrument Supportin Life After Death

a persons spirit is conscious and coherent at death. We cannot doubt that people have these experiences, because to them, they are real. Is Life After Death Possible? Many of these people report having similar experiences, including leaving the body and watching from above as medical staff work on them, entering a dark tunnel, seeing others, meeting a spiritual being, and experiencing an overwhelming sense of peace and love. These victims are able to clearly describe places and people with exact detail while they were clinically dead.

a Posteriori Agrument Supportin Life After Death

Near death /after death experiences supports a posteriori argument.
With clinical death, life signs such as consciousness, pulse, and breathing have stopped.
Biological death will occur if no measures are taken to reverse this process.
Faith in life after death is one of the six fundamental beliefs required of a Muslim to complete his faith.
Rejecting it renders all other beliefs meaningless.

The problem is how to understand or explain them. Words: 522 Pages: 2 Paragraphs: 6 Sentences: 32 Read Time: 01:53. They are able to describe in detail objects in rooms nearby and far away from them. They have observed the people working on them and can recall what was said and who said. Biological death will occur if no measures are taken to reverse this process. A Posteriori arguments are based on the existence of the world of things or facts about the world. I believe that near death/after death experiences are the strongest in support of an afterlife. This essay will look at an a posteriori argument dealing with near death/after death experiences. Two arguments, a posteriori and a priori, propose different views on this subject.

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