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The Persian Wars

the Persian Wars

Asiatic coast, when it declined to engage the Greek fleet. 20 This embassy may have been an attempt to reach some kind of peace agreement, and it has even been suggested that the failure of these hypothetical negotiations led to the Athenian decision to support the Egyptian revolt. 177 This marks the point at which the leadership of the Greek Alliance effectively passed to the Athenians. 199 There was no open conflict between the Greeks and Persia until 396 BC, when the Spartan king Agesilaus briefly invaded Asia Minor; as Plutarch points out, the Greeks were far too busy overseeing the destruction of their own power to fight against the "barbarians". Mardonius lost his life on the battlefield, what remained of the Persian army limped home. The Greeks won a decisive victory, losing only 192 men to the Persians 6,400 (according to the historian Herodotus ). The empire was the direct descendant of the Delian League After Byzantium, the Spartans were allegedly eager to end their involvement in the war. However, in 490 a Persian army of 25,000 men landed unopposed on the Plain. Darius came to power and set about consolidating and strengthening the Persian empire.

the Persian Wars

Greco-Persian Wars, also called Persian Wars, (492449 bce a series of wars fo ught by Greek states and Persia over a period of almost half a century.
The Greco-Persian Wars Peter Green.
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What were the Greco Persian wars and how did they start?

170 The Athenians, having pacified the region, then sailed back to Athens, taking the cables from the pontoon bridges with them as trophies. 169 Artayctes was crucified at the request of the people of Elaeus, a town which Artayctes had plundered while governor of the Chersonesos. 38 After Cyrus finished the conquest of Lydia, the Ionian cities now offered to be his subjects under the same terms as they had been subjects of Croesus. The Persian Wars ended with the Peace of Callias of 449, but by the Issues Surrounding Abortion this time, and as a result of actions taken in Persian War battles, Athens had developed her own empire. 20 See also edit i: The exact period covered by the term "Greco-Persian Wars" is open to interpretation, and usage varies between academics; the Ionian Revolt and Wars of the Delian League are sometimes excluded. 43 Past tyrants had also tended and needed to be strong and able leaders, whereas the rulers appointed by the Persians were simply place-men. 42 No such group existed in Greek cities at this time; while there was usually an aristocracy, this was inevitably divided into feuding factions. 168 Most of the Athenian troops were sent straight away to pursue the Persians. The Ionians and others asked the Athenians to take leadership of the campaign, to which they agreed.

the Persian Wars

Persian Wars, 500 BC449 BC, series of conflicts fought between Greek states and the Persian Empire.
The writings of Herodotus 1, who was born.484.
The Greco-Persians Wars were two wars fought between the P ersian Empire and some of the independent Greek city-states.
Start here for information about the Greco-Persian Wars - a short overview of the conflict that only led to more.

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