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Romanesque and Gothic Essay

romanesque and Gothic Essay

two epochs. The primary characteristics of Romanesque architecture are Roman in origin: large internal spaces, covered by barrel vaults, rounded arches on doors and thick walls. The use of stained glass windows in the Gothic cathedrals represented expressions of religious beliefs. It was the main architectural and artistic style until 12th century, when it gave way to the Gothic architecture. Romanesque styles of architecture were related in various ways, yet they also contrasted in style in some ways. The Romanesque style transformed into the Gothic style during the Middle Ages. Cathedrals had tall towers. These piers, along with magnificent stone relics and reliefs, allowed for the common person to come into the cathedral and fully experience the wonderment of their God, even being illiterate; as many people were back in the 1000s.

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This seems relatively obvious but fires back in those times were exponentially more devastating as they are today, with the lack of technology and understanding. Romanesque and Gothic Architecture A Comparison introduction. Devout Christians would undertake long pilgrimages in order the Robber Bride to visit the relics of saints and martyrs. The Gothic Cathedrals were the central place of worship. Churches were simply built to allow villagers in their respective areas to be able to worship the God they believed. Contrary to Romanesque architecture, Gothic had many stained glass windows, which spread colored lighting, giving a feeling of peace. The function of the window was not only of beauty, but also to illustrate biblical events so that the people who came to worship in the cathedrals could learn the stories of Jesus and other prophets.

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