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Grant Woods Life Works in Arts

grant Woods Life Works in Arts

nor was it an invention of Woods. When he moved to Chicago in 1913, he used these louse Erdrichs Tracks: Has Two Narrators skills to make a living. Looking back, Wood referred to these times as his bohemian years. His paintings of idyllic farmlands and busy farmworkers starkly contrast the period of the Great Depression and wartimes in which they were created.

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24, 1934 issue, Time magazine ran a cover story about Regionalist artists and featured their work in the first ever color spread in that magazine. Woods painting of a woman, man and pitchfork received almost overnight success and catapulted the artist into the public eye. It spoke of an art form free of the strange isms of modern European art (cubism, surrealism, etc. Drawing upon memories from his early childhood spent on a farm, Wood exemplified the Regionalist style through his paintings of small-town folk and life in the Iowan countryside.

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New York: Thames and Hudson, 1994. After seeing the works of 15th- and 16th-century German and Flemish masters, whose realism and attention to detail bowled him over, Wood returned to the United States determined to integrate their approach into his own work. With the extra burdens brought on by his divorce and the government, Wood was buried in financial debt by the late 1930s. The unique character of small-town mid-America had a lasting impression on Wood that compelled him to make it the chosen theme of countless paintings. Southern Alleghenies Museum, PA Spencer Museum of Art at the University of Kansas Swope Art Museum, IN Westmoreland Museum of American Art, PA Williams College Museum of Art,. He is primarily known for his paintings such as these, and in particular, the painting. Throughout this trying time, however, Wood had continued to work. (Photo: American Gothic by Grant Wood Public domain, via. Smithsonian Grant Wood Archives of American Art. Stone City Art Colony, the World of Grant Wood. 1920 Travels to Paris for the summer 1923-24 Returns to Paris and takes classes at the Academie Julian.

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