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A Review on Their Eyes Were Watching God

a Review on Their Eyes Were Watching God

though, there is lifea swarming, passionate life, and in spite of the Tea Cake's tragic end and the crumbling of Janie's happiness, there is a sense of triumph and glory when the tale is done." Books, September 26, 1937,.A. "It is difficult to evaluate Waters Turpin's These Low Grounds and Zora Neale oliver twist comparing aginast Angelas Ashes Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God. To detect the race of the long-unburied corpses, the conscripted gravediggers must examine the hair. It is warm with friendly personality and pulsating with homely and profound eloquence and religious fervor.

"Every phase of the life of the Negro in the South, like selfsegregation of the Negroes themselves and the race hatred displayed by the Southern white man, has been interwoven." Journal of Negro Education, "The Adventures of the Brown Girl in Her Search for Life. Jonah's Gourd Vine, 1934 (novel). Indeed, from first to last this is a well nigh perfect story-a little sententious at the start, but the rest is simple and beautiful and shining with humor. If this isn't as grand as it should be, the breakdown comes in the conflict between the true vision and its overliterary expression.

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Her story is forthright and without frills. But Miss Hurston presents Moses as a great 'voodoo man which is the position given him by the Negro. "The only weak spots in the novel are technical; it begins awkwardly with a confusing and unnecessary preview of the end; and the dramatic action, as in the story of the hurricane, is sometimes hurriedly and clumsily handled. Miss Hurston's forte is the recording and creation of folkspeech. This book is a combination of sentiments - true love, relations and family - although they have a minor segment on discrimination. Miss Hurston tries both. Mules and Men, 1935 (folklore the New York Herald Tribune Weekly Book Review, October 11, 1935, Lewis Gannett. It is told in exactly the right manner, simply and with candor, with a seasoning not overdone.This text indicates that anyone who tries to downtread Zora Neale Hurston had better wear thicksoled boots.

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