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Understanding The Effects of Alcohol

understanding The Effects of Alcohol

experiment with drinking. Teens are at greater risk for developing alcohol-related problems when alcohol is readily available at home or among their peer group, and if drunkenness is acceptable. A given person's risk of becoming an alcoholic is three to four times greater if a parent is alcoholic. Another barrier to receiving care is that physicians screen only about 15 of their primary care patients for alcohol disorders. For adolescents ages 15 to 20, alcohol is implicated in more than a third of driver fatalities resulting from automobile accidents and about two-fifths of drownings. Nearly 100,000 Americans die each year as a result of alcohol abuse, and alcohol is a factor in more than half of the country's homicides, suicides, and traffic accidents. Psychologists who are trained and experienced in treating alcohol problems can be helpful in many ways. The results of the assessment can offer initial guidance to the drinker about what treatment to seek and help motivate the problem drinker to get treatment.

Other Effects of Alcohol Addiction, aside from mental and physical health problems, the effects of alcohol addiction touch nearly every aspect of your life. If youre addicted to alcohol, you may have tried to quit without success. In other words, teenagers' capacity for pleasure reaches adult proportions well before their capacity for sound decision making does. Talking to kids early and openly about the risks of drinking can help reduce their chances of becoming problem drinkers. Teenagers who believe alcohol makes it easier to socialize, for example, tend to drink more than those who dont believe that alcohol loosens their social inhibitions. Roughly one out of twelve adults chronically abuse or are addicted to alcohol, and half of all Americans have a family history of alcoholism. Family relationships influence drinking behavior, and these relationships often change during an individual's recovery. Influence of family and peers.

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