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Letter to Anne Frank

letter to Anne Frank

necessary acts of security to prevent a second Holocaust. the Letter, le Mistral 37 rue de la Bcherie, dear Anne Frank, If I sent this letter to the post office it would no longer reach you because you have been blotted out from the universe. To store these postcards, the Danville Station is raising money to bring a pre-World War II railcar similar to those used in transporting Jews to the camps from Europe to Danville. We have built armaments more powerful than the total of all those used in all the wars in history. The journal you hid so that no one would read it was left on the floor when the German police took you to the concentration camp and has now been read by millions of people in 32 languages. We all of us have dual natures. Jews had no future in Europe, they were outsiders who would never be totally accepted and only a Jewish state of our own could bring us normalcy and safety. Please write me the address of a girl. Thats what I would like for you too. The friend suggested that she might consider putting the letters up for auction.

Her friend Juanita was also ten. Below you can read more clearly what. Although it was only a one-time letter exchange between two girls one. Anne Frank exchanged letters with a young girl from Iowa (Credit.

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What would you hope for and dream of? Robert Cohen, writing from the Edge on, facebook and. View image of Before her family went into hiding, Anne Frank exchanged letters with a young girl from Iowa (Credit: Credit: ullstein bild Dtl./Getty Images). When most people die they disappear without a trace, their thoughts forgotten, their aspirations unknown, but you have simply left your own family and become part of the family of man. Anne ends with the name and Amsterdam address of her own friend, Susanne Ledermann. A young girl's dreams recorded in her diary from her thirteenth to her fifteenth birthday means more to us today than the labors of millions of soldiers and thousands of factories striving for a thousand-year Reich that lasted hardly more than ten years. So I am writing an open letter to those who have read your diary and found a little sister they have never seen who will never entirely disappear from earth as long as we who are living remember her. No more letters would come to Danville from Amsterdam. But the voices of arrogance and chauvinism that prefer might to right and Jewish power over Jewish ethics are heard more loudly. Betty venezuelan Government passed away in August 2012; her sister preceded her in 2001. But in the 21st century what looks more abnormal and anachronistic than an ethno-cratic Jewish state that by its very nature must favour one group of citizens over another.

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