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Sports Tourism In Australia

sports Tourism In Australia

international arena, attracting consumers who are keen on getting in touch with nature, and interacting with the community to enjoy more healthy and interactive holidays. Sports tourism events at the international, national and regional levels have a double-barreled effect the direct effect of the attendance of the competitors and/or spectators and accompanying persons, and the indirect effect of the marketing of the destination which lead to the subsequent tourism flows. Different sports attract fanatical support, both at the event and from spectators back home, and there are both economical and social benefits on a national and regional level from hosting sports events, including the revenue generated from the visiting sportsmen and women, their support teams. Sport plays a vitally important role in Australian culture, which helps explain the high per capital investment that is put into sporting facilities and sport training in Australia. Although Australia does not have a published Sport Tourism strategy, sport tourism in Australia is flourishing. While sport tourism in South Africa is yet to be established, sports tourism (spectator and participant) makes up four percent (4) of its domestic tourism market. Journal of Sport Tourism, 8 (1).

In relation to tourism, there is now a widespread recognition amongst Australians of its importance for the nations economy. Over 300,000 visitors recently flocked to Melbourne to witness the countrys top motor sport event, the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix. Another definition worth noting explains sport tourism as a combination of sports activities and travel. Indeed, over the past twenty years, the interest in sport especially elite sporting events has grown the Representations of Asians in Films at a phenomenal rate. BTN takes a closer look at how the nation is harnessing sport to attract a global audience. This level of activity is broadly consistent with Canadian data, with the 1998 Canadian Travel Survey finding that 37 of domestic trips that year were for sports-related purposes. Sydneys Homebush Bay was redeveloped for the 2000 Games, followed by the Paralympic Games. In some countries, sport can account for as much as 25 percent of all tourism receipts.

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