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Is College for Everyone?

is College for Everyone?

in Botswana, internships at the. This has led to a dramatic increase in college attendance, 15 growth between 20lone. From a young age, students are told that they need a college degree to obtain any kind of meaningful employment. The focus on higher education is actually one on four-year colleges. Rising high school seniors should be given the option to enter a program following their graduation that allows them to learn valuable technical skills which will prepare them for particular fields of work. Yes, Federal labor statistics make clear that, in general, the more education one attains after high school, the higher ones wages and the lower the risk of unemployment. For students pursuing medical school, four years of undergrad are followed by four years of medical school and then a number of years for residency. Parents, educators, and employers need to stop encouraging degrees for degrees sake, and instead encourage skill building, with a focus on the strengths and interests of particular students as they look towards their futures. These schools are not the best fit for every student, and they also do not turn out graduates equipped for every available job.

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University for universitys sake is a pointless endeavor. Yet if they start college and then drop out, they feel like total failures. Students who default on their college loan repayments suffer a low credit score as a consequence. From a young age, kids are told that obtaining a college degree is the pathway to success. Because of the stigma associated with attending vocational training programs, less students are entering into them. Want to join the conversation? For some students, thats vocational school. For some people, college is also a bad investment. 70 percent of American students will study at a four-year college, but less than two-thirds will graduate. But not every young person is suited to four years of college. (And raising taxes on top incomes enough to temper the wild competition for admission views on Jurassic Park to elite colleges that grease the way to those top incomes.) Instead, we continue to push most of our young people through a single funnel called a four-year college education. Last year, according to the, federal Reserve Bank of New York, 46 percent of recent college graduates were in jobs that dont even require a college degree.

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