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Why People Fear Y2K?

why People Fear Y2K?

prepared, along with regulated and larger businesses. 1, 2000, to ensure uninterrupted power. On the stroke of midnight on every New Year's Eve, there is a momentary thrill. Lets explore manegment Styles the similarities, confusion and conflicting information when comparing these two events. Being accountable can help you to build trust with individuals.

Other than a few minor glitches reported around the world that were quickly remedied, many concluded that all the fear, worry and terror embedded into our brains leading up to January, 1, 2000, was unjustified. Once the Y2K-circus opened its tent inside my organization and the travelling freaks dazzled management into doing anything they asked, I whittled the site to Y2K to give voice to the eye-rolling that all of my programmer colleagues were doing. Now the question is how concerned should businesses really be with this shift?

GE Medical Systems has posted a list of their compliant and non-compliant products (m). Finns have bought record amounts of iodine tablets this week in fear of a millennium-triggered nuclear accident at nearby Russian power plants, officials said on Wednesday. I would never stand up and debate any of the Y2K hypsters in public - they have everything going for them. In fact, contemplate the reverse: Technicians have known about Y2K for years in advance, they will be manning the systems on Dec. As well as good IT security, organisations and companies need also to look at their physical structures; the external and internal security of their building, how visitors are managed, and document handling issues such as shredding. Did you have neighbors hoarding canned goods and gallons of water by the truckload in their basementor perhaps, YOU were that neighbor? To top things off, an archive of feature articles repeats many of the urban legends. For businesses, another sort of Y2K scenario is rapidly approaching. The original name for this site was "just a number" as it sums up what I think about this. That includes looking at how well protected is the data. Success in other countries and its ability to thwart card counterfeiting are two of the reasons why. And these IT and human elements combine in terms of things like password strength and vulnerability to social engineering.

year, everybody was talking about the. Y 2, k bugthe fear that everything electronic would shut down when the clock struck January 1, 2000. As, y 2, k approached, people around the world were extremely concerned about digital and non-digital documentation and data storage. positive community responses to Y. We're trying to help you - why are you and the Administration making our job so difficult?

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