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A Man of Admirable Exploits by Leavy John

a Man of Admirable Exploits by Leavy John

Scanderbeg, exceeding perhaps the common course and law of nature, and which would hardly. We may see then that this businesse doth require the rigour of a more furious and violent hand, and of some Chieftaine who is more happy and fortunate in his enterprises. Google for a variety of Chass's thoughts on Miller). This Cimitary was made at Damasce in Siria, it was of a most perfect goodnesse and excellent temper: and many times he would beare two of them in one scabbard both of the which sometimes he should breake in one onely battall. The long continuance of the wars and the multitude of the battels, which we have the Use of Capital Punishment had, hath worne out, eaten up, consumed all our forces, we are now at the last cast, in so much that there is not left in our whole body any. The Turkish Monarch perceaving that the Prince of Epyre was now growen to that height of honour, that his name began to be fearefull and terrible unto all the Mahometistes, was in great feare least that by reason of this exceeding fame and renowne. For assoone as he shall perceive that I am dead, and cruell tirant will not make any stay at all, but he will come flying as a savage and wilde beast, to the intent he may revenge so many losses, so many outrages and calamities. I have followed nature long enough, I have lived long enough, I have finished the course, and I have run the race, which it pleased God to appoint for. Scanderbeg dieth and is buried, his dead body is honoured and reverenced by the Turks. My sonne, John my sonne: thou seest that I now die, and that I leave thee but a child, an infant, young and tender: behold I leave thee a Realme and Kingdome, if thou be good and vertuous, stable and firme: if thou be otherwise.

I held nothing devided or in severall. But the citizens beginning to retyre in very good order, without the losse of anie one of their companie: it happened that one George Alexie an Epyrot borne, and a good harguebussier discharging a bullet upon Ballaban hit him quite thorough the throate, giving him. Besides there is to be seene his Amphy-theater made by wonderfull art and industrie. But (such was the will and pleasure of the cruell destinies) that being detained with a grievous maladie, he was constrained to desist from his attempt. Chass is the subject of card #JSA-MUR in the 2012 Panini Cooperstown Signatures (pictured at left). The like exploit was that which he did upon a mounstrous Boare in Apulia, which had made many of the Courtiers of King Ferdinand to beare his markes: neverthelesse Scanderbeg being one day on hunting with the King, in the open and plaine field encountered. Some there were who shewed themselves well pleased with this oration, and did allow of Scanderbeg his perswasions, but others would not be satisfied therewith, especially the common sort of souldiers, who being growen more fierce and audacious against the enemy, beganne to make. Howbeit that we might with as good reason and aswell enlarge our consciences, and give credite unto them, as to those which are reported of elder times, and which antiquitie hath commended unto us: the which neverthelesse even at this day we doe celebrate and. The haught exploit, and the mortall accident happened to the armies.

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