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seeker after truth was recently recognized on an inter-planetary level when the Mars Pathfinder Microver was named in her honor. Anthony friends with whom she collaborated until the end of her life. In 1864, Truth was called to Washington,.C., to contribute to the National Freedman's Relief Association. Sojourner develops an infection from sores on her legs and is treated at the famous Battle Creek Sanitarium. She is sold for 100, but the price includes a flock of sheep. Butler, with special thanks to Dorothy and Michael Martich, Martin Ashley, Michael Evans, Timothy Hoyle, Zoe Kimmel and Thea Rozetta Lapham. Truth's date of birth was not recorded, as was typical of children born into slavery, but historians estimate that she was likely born around 1797. Her death, sojourner Truth died at her home on College Street on November 26, 1883.

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Through God who created him and the woman who bore him. Early Years of Freedom, the state of New York, which had begun to negotiate the abolition of slavery in 1799, emancipated all slaves on July 4, 1827. And did not the same Savior die to save the one as well as the other?" (Sabbath School Convention, Battle Creek, June 1863). Founded in 1997, the organization serves homeless and at-risk women and their children by providing shelters, housing assistance, therapeutic programs and a food pantry. A United States postage stamp was issued in her honor at the Sojourner Truth Library in New Paltz, New York, on February 5, 1986. Sojourner Truth is sold again, this time to Martinus Schryver for 105.

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Sojourner Truths memoirs were published under the title. She took the issue to court and eventually secured Peter's return from the South. Sojourner Truth often testified to the demeaning nature of slavery and the redeeming power of faith. She is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Battle Creek. True to her broad reform ideals, Truth continued to agitate for change even after Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. She was very active in relocating the former slaves to western states like Kansas. Sojourner Truth falls in love.

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Sojourner Truth, a Life and Legacy of Faith (Written for the.
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