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Microchips Pet Identification

microchips Pet Identification

many animals. We also sell two models of Avid readers. It is so small and is compared to the size of one grain of rice. . There is little discomfort and the pain is short-lived and minimal much like a routine vaccination. Remember, pets can go missing as easily as a favorite piece of jewelry, but the loss is much more profound. The deluxe package also includes informative brochures, PetTrac registration forms and collar tags. Most veterinarians, animal hospitals or animal shelters have the equipment to perform those duties when needed. Key Benefits, although it may all sound a little sci-fi or futuristic, pet microchips are actually quite safe and extremely effective. Microchips are very small transponders which use a radio frequency to transmit all information regarding your pet. . A pet microchip is necessary in recovering your pet if the unthinkable happens and your pet is lost. .

All packages contain syringes that are pre-loaded with microchips that have already been sterilized and are ready to use.  (904). Needless to say, you would feel far more devastated and your sadness would be almost unfathomable.

What To Consider When Buying A Pet,

Some benefits of microchipping your pets include: A more secure form of identification that cant be removed or worn away like typical ID tags for cats and dogs. Once injected, the microchip is kept in place by a layer of protein, and will stay there for the life of your animal. Help your pet to find their way home! . Traditionally, cats and dogs were identified using collars and ID tags. Easy agamemnon as king to implement, installation is virtually pain free for your pet. If youve never heard of microchips before, they are a more permanent way to ID your pet. Undisputed proof of ownership, increased chance of return should your pet go missing. Wearing a collar with tags do not guarantee you will be reunited with them. . But today, theres a more accurate and superior method to ID pets known as microchips. The injection only causes slight discomfort, and the microchips are designed to be safe and biologically compatible. One-time implementation good for the entire life of the pet.

Some microchip companies may even offer travel assistance for far away lost pets and a lost pet alert sent to nearby animal shelters, veterinarians, and more. You can choose from the basic package, which includes syringes and numbered stickers that correspond to the number on the chip. We offer Avid Friendchips microchips in 5-pack and 25-pack sets. Do you remember the panic and fear you felt thinking the item was gone forever? For the latest in pet security, we offer dog microchips and microchip readers.

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