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Why Human Cloning Should Be Illegal

why Human Cloning Should Be Illegal

his sperm for the husbands to created children that were the doctor's and not that of the husband. The aim of research into human cloning has never been to clone people, or to make babies. After my initial research, I came to the conclusion that there was no real evidence that human cloning should be illegal. While cloning is still considered to be in the early stages of research, and all the pros and cons contradicting each other, the main question is, should we allow human cloning in the name of science and take a chance at destroying the genetic cycle. If this is unacceptable for us, what do we do if some other nation, such as our "enemy begins such a eugenic program (Nagle, 1972,. Therefore, we need to respect the embryo for what it is, a human being at its early stages of development and take in to account that one day this living creature will someday say mom or dad, so in consideration of this, would it not. Anti-thesis, i might add that while there are those for cloning and have established many positive arguments concerning the copying of human DNA, such as developing new medicines for cures. The two main types of cloning that have caused ethical controversies around the world are embryo and reproductive cloning.

  tags: Cloning. Using these embryos would mean killing unborn children. Ever since this spectacular event occurred people have been thinking about the possibility of cloning humans. Nuclear transfer technology was used in which a donor's udder cell, a nucleus with the genome intact, was fused with an unfertilised egg cell. Human cloning is also unethical. I also think that ethics and morals play a major role in determining when an embryo becomes a living being. It is estimated that between 95 and 98 percent of cloning experiments have failed (Genetics and Society). Likewise, two individuals with the same DNA has already been dealt with by natural twins.

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While most of society understands the curiosity around knowing how humans work, along with the need to know about DNA, to eliminate many hereditary illnesses and disabilities. Growing clones for organs would be hugely impractical, especially since you'd have to wait at least 15 years before the organs would be useful for transplant (nevermind the space needed, money require, and engineering hurdles to grow a healthy organism in confinement). I've know a few pairs growing up - some look identical and share very similar personalities, others look a lot alike, but personality-wise couldn't be more different. We are coming into an age where scientists have started cloning non-human mammals as well as fish. These downfalls to cloning are in the form of miscarriages and stillbirths (Genetics and Society). From that point on, it's pretty much exactly like in vitro fertilization. The argument over cloning is based upon the fact that there are extreme opposing viewpoints on the subject. You need to implant the growing embryo (just a ball of cells at this point, barely visible to the naked eye) into a surrogate mother, who has undergone hormone therapy to trick her body into thinking it's pregnant, and accepting the new embryo. This is also why the idea of abusing cloning technology isn't that much of a concern.

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