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The Poem of William Wordsworth

the Poem of William Wordsworth

year increasd my store. Drive as she drives: how fast they wheel away, Yet vanish not!-the wind is in the tree, But they are silent;-still they roll along. Now he leaves the lower ground, And up the craggy hill ascending. 'Tis Benjamin the Waggoner; Who long hath trod this toilsome way, Companion of the night and day.

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The Poem of William Wordsworth
the Poem of William Wordsworth

The meaning of the Poem
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William Goldings Novel Lord of the Flies

Yes, without me, up hills so high 'Tis vain to strive for mastery. To stately Hall and Cottage rude Flowed from his life what still they hold, Light pleasures, every day, renewed; And blessings half a century old. Wherefore weep you so? Here did he sit confined for hours; But he could see the woods and plains, Could hear the wind and mark the showers. Beyond his wish he walks secure; But pass a mile-and 'then' for trial,- Then for the pride of self-denial; If he resist that tempting door, Which with such friendly voice will call; If he resist those casement panes, And that bright gleam which thence will. Bent earthwards; he looks up-the clouds are split.

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William Wordsworth Tintern Abb
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