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The European Union and Its Expansion

the European Union and Its Expansion

known as the European Union, or EU, and 19 participate in its corresponding common currency area, known as the eurozone. The Economic and Monetary Union in Europe was launched on Jan. The European Union, the, european Union (EU) was created by the Maastricht Treaty on November 1st 1993. In addition to those EU countries, several other European countries have petitioned for membership in the bloc, including Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. The eurozone currently has 338 million citizens and is responsible for a GDP of 10 trillion. Herman Van Rompuy, at that time Belgium Prime Minister, became the first President of the European Council, and Britains Baroness Ashton High Representative for Foreign Affairs. However, the success of the ecsc led to the member nations signing two new treaties in 1957, both called the treaty of Rome. Throughout the 1970s and 80s the EEC gradually expanded both its membership and its scope. The ECJ was granted the authority to impose fines on members for noncompliance. The agreement brought the European Regional Development Fund formally into the communitys treaties as part of a new section on economic and social cohesion that aimed to encourage the development of economically depressed areas.

the European Union and Its Expansion

Twenty-eight nations in Europe currently participate in the political-economic union known as the European Union, or EU, and 19 participate in its corresponding common currency area, known as the eurozone.
European Commission - This page provides information on The history of the European Union from 20Further expansion.
The euro is now the new currency for many Europeans.
As part of its foreign and security policy, the EU takes on peacekeeping operations.
From its Christian Democratic roots, the European Union places political and moral values at the forefront of its mission toward a European super-state.

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Although the Maastricht Treaty came into effect, it faced heavy opposition, and was only narrowly passed in France and forced a vote in the. Initially, commissioners were appointed by members to renewable four-year terms, which were later extended to five years. The EU also set out guidelines for the creation of a single currency, although when this was introduced in 1999 three nations opted out and one failed to meet the required targets. Qualified majority voting in the Council of Ministers was extended to several new areas. Political And Economic Conflicts, the original intent of the founders of the eurozone was to stimulate economic should We Fix Acid Rain integration among EU member states. According to a report published by the European Commission in December 2015, Turkey was seen as the most advanced in terms of preparation and economic competitiveness of the countries considered candidates or potential candidates for entrance into the European Union. Norways government twice (19) attempted to join, but its voters rejected membership on each occasion. The Commission was reformed to increase its accountability to the Parliament.

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