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The Odyssey: Book IX summary

the Odyssey: Book IX summary

accosts Odysseus. He traces his route after Troy. The men arrive at the island of the goddess Circe. In fact, the last foot of every line usually ends in either a spondee (two stressed syllables) or a troche (one stressed syllable followed by one unstressed syllable). Nestor informs Telemachus of the various ill-fated homecomings of the Greeks, especially the fate of Agamemnon, commander of the Greeks at Troy, who was slain by his wife, Clytemnestra, and her lover, Aegisthus. He also sees his dead mother, Antikleia.

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Dactyllic Hexameter : each line consists of six metrical feet, each of which consists of a stressed syllable followed by two unstressed syllables. Polyphemus ridicules this idea; he does not care about the gods. He is eventually stopped and personality Psychology - Rotter bound by Eumaeus and Philoitius, who then rejoin Odysseus and Telemachus in the final battle against the suitors. She shuts them in a pigsty while Eurylokhos runs back to alert the crew. Ask our professional writer! He then advises Telemachus to visit Menelaus, Agamemnons brother, where he rules in Sparta. Odysseus stops his story. She was like this, too, and her loneliness and longing for Odysseus is what killed her. Odysseus passes on Tiresias' and Circes counsel not to eat the oxen or even land on the island.

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