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The World and Ideas of Karl Marx

the World and Ideas of Karl Marx

and society, but only the pale reflection of those processes in the minds of men, especially of philosophers. Hence, if somebody twists this into saying that the economic element is the only determining one, he transforms that proposition into a meaningless, abstract and senseless phrase. The great philosopher Spinoza once said: neither weep nor laugh, but understand! Neoliberal doctrine emphasises the virtues of competition. In the first place, this exposes the bankruptcy of free market economics.

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Karl Marx - Facts Summary

the World and Ideas of Karl Marx

It is true that the authority of the Church is in decline in all Western countries. By cutting demand, it reduces the market still further, and thus aggravates the crisis of overproduction. Our earliest ancestors, who were not yet really human, were small in stature and physically weak compared to other animals. The last patch of ground will be cut from under the feet of the Divine Creator, who will finally be rendered utterly redundant. In fact, it is these events that act as the main motor force of historical development. The division of labour, which already existed in embryonic form in the elementary division between the sexes arising from the demands of childbirth and the rearing of children, is developed to a higher level. This is so evident that it is recognised by scientists and experts who have nothing to do with socialism, but are filled with indignation at the nightmare conditions in which two thirds of the human race live, and are worried by the effects of the. In the writings of Marx and Engels we do not have a philosophical system, like that of Hegel, but a series of brilliant insights and pointers, which, if they were developed, would provide a valuable addition to the methodological armoury of science.

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