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The Role of Labor Unions Today

the Role of Labor Unions Today

attacks from all the unchained dogs of the Entente. The Russian worker feels it in all his daily life. This type of service frees personal and family time for the employee ensuring employee loyalty and reluctance to join a union. The metal workers union of Petrograd which in August, 1917, had 200,000 members, has only 50,000 now. They form the organs of direction in industry (Council of National Economy, Committees for direction in the nationalized enterprises, etc.) ;. It proceeded with the systematic closing down of those plants and factories in which the workers were more revolutionary, in order to subdue these workers by hunger.

There is no sense in discussing this question! In 19 in Russia there were 200,000 organized workers. All that remained intact.

Others thought that the unions should disappear making room for the Shop and Factory Committees. They watch that the principle of obligatory labor shall be strictly applied;. That is very natural; in the workers State the labor organizations must by all means exercise such State functions. Thus the closer we approach Communism, the more the Soviet system extends and consolidates itself, its character as a proletarian apparatus of defense and attack will disappear, for this apparatus can exist only as long as the class struggle lasts. For the conflict between the workers and employers could not be solved by any particular union or in a separate industry, but only by the whole, from the viewpoint of production within the limits of the State. Even the State of Monaco has a determined social foundation; only Russia has none.

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