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Commander In Chief: The Hero of the Common People

commander In Chief: The Hero of the Common People

army by the Bilasuvar Region Military Commissariat in March 2006. During these months, Azerbaijan was with the families of Farid and Mubariz. But, we believed in that. Xxx, then, the decree signed by President Ilham Aliyev on conferring the Medal For Courage upon senior lieutenant Farid Guloglan oglu Ahmadov for his bravery demonstrated while fulfilling his duty by exposing his life to danger was read out to the audience. The short but glorious life of Farid Guloglan oglu Ahmadov who executed faithfully his military duty in front of Motherland is an example for the Azerbaijani youth. They became martyrs on their own land. I do not doubt that we have all possibilities for it such as combat preparedness, material and technical means, sufficient weaponry and ammunitions, professional Army, high morale and will of Azerbaijani people. During the warfare, 62 officers the former graduates of the educational institution were awarded with the state awards, among them the Hero of Ukraine Yevhen Zelenskyi (awarded posthumously). I express my condolences to the parents, relatives and beloved ones of our martyrs. We wish to solve it by talks. Uryupin Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Cand.

Khanate of Irevan, region of Zanghazur are our historical lands. You have paid a lot of efforts and shown your courage in bringing back these two corpses. Our brave heroes were buried with military salvo. Commander-in-Chief was the title held by a person who exercised supreme control over a military force, typically a head of state. Chekinov Leading Research of the Centre for Military-and-Strategic Studies of the Military Academy of the RF Armed Forces General Staff,. Honoured Economist of the Russian Federation, Active State Advisor of the Russian Federation of 1st Class. Farid Guloglan oglu Ahmadov was born in the Jalilabad region on February 13, 1986.

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