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Psychological Description of Schizophrenia

psychological Description of Schizophrenia

their outer and inner selves, their hopes, aspirations etc. Nurse's Drug Guide 2003. Frankenburg, Frances.,. The schizophrenics will continue to be what they are and have a marginal existence after being discharged from the hospital. Most people can relate to some or all of the personality traits listed; the difference is that it does not affect most peoples daily functioning to the same degree it might someone diagnosed with one of these disorders. Organic factors: (a biological factors: Kraepelin first classified psychoses and said that schizophrenia is due to metabolic disorder in which the glands play an important role. Pavlov believed that schizophrenia was the function of a state of partial inhibition resulting from a weakness of the nervous system. Paranoid schizophrenics function at a higher level than other subtypes, but are at risk for suicidal or violent behavior under the influence of their delusions. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition ). Hence, they create their own social role to protect themselves from social expectations and demands. Research on the hereditary factors has been reviewed by Jackson (1960) and Gregory (1960) and they point out several flaws in these research undertakings.

Schizophrenia, american Psychological Association (APA) Schizophrenia definition of schizophrenia by Medical Psychotic Disorders : Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Shannon, and Carolyn. From the schizophrenic point of hate is Baggage view an attitude which considers their illness as positive experience may have beneficial effects. Kety further reported piat half of the schizophrenic adoptees he studied had no biological or adopted relatives with schizophrenic spectrum disorders. In addition to formal treatment, many families benefit from support groups and similar mutual help organizations for relatives of schizophrenics. In the second or stabilization phase, the initial psychotic symptoms have been brought under control but the patient is at risk for relapse if treatment is interrupted. Psychoanalysis has no value in the treatment of schizophrenia. In general, the negative symptoms are more difficult for doctors to evaluate than the positive symptoms. Black immigrants from Africa or the Caribbean appear to be especially vulnerable. Schizophrenia The commonest major psychiatric disorder affecting about 1 of Western populations and usually appearing in adolescence or early adult life. Further this correlation was high among women of low.E.S. In 1959, the German psychiatrist Kurt Schneider proposed a list of so-called first-rank symptoms, which he regarded as diagnostic of the disorder.

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