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Children charged as adults

children charged as adults

12-year-old friend 19 times; when questioned later by authorities, they reportedly claimed that they wished to commit a murder as a first step to becoming proxies (acolytes) of the. What these girls did was incredibly gruesome, and for reasons that make the crime even more baffling. Slender Man, having read about it online. Moreover, the juvenile court has historically prioritized rehabilitating youthful offenders, no matter how serious the crime, because of the understanding that such change is uniquely possible for young people. Personally I am under the belief that a 17 year old should not be charged as an adult unless said child was emancipated. Frequently, a prosecutor will contend that an adult conviction allows a court to keep a young offender incarcerated after he turns 21, and conceivably for the rest of his life, for public safety purposes.

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If we try to respond to that cry, we might have the chance to provide him with some semblance of a productive life after he serves time in the juvenile justice system. But at 12 years old I feel weve set a dangerous precedent, and done much more than crossed a line. One cannot imagine a more profound cry for help. Its not as if other young boys are rationally calculating the relative number of years that they might be incarcerated before deciding to commit a senseless crime. In addition, this employment hurdle shows a clear bias against those convicted of some sex crimes but not others, as it is still permissible for other former inmates to earn gainful employment after leaving prison. As of yet I dont see much debate on the issue, but maybe its coming. If I were the victim of the crime, or the victims parents, sure Id have a hard time wishing anything less on them. First, is this a reasonable course of action when the defendant is just a child, and second, what would the larger community gain by doing so? A 12-year-old lacks the maturity to appreciate the consequences of his actions and is not capable of aiding his attorney in presenting a legal defense. A History of Unproductive Discrimination, this approach is similar to what American society did concerning drug crimes a decade agomaking it difficult to impossible for former inmates to find employment after they left prison, leaving them with few options other than returning to a life. But is there a real risk that locking up the young boy in Michigan until hes 21, as would be the case were he retained in the juvenile system, would somehow condone his alleged behavior? While many communities around the country are concerned about this issue, what few solutions have been offeredsuch as an enforcing an employment ban anyone who has ever been convicted of a human trafficking offenseby no means get to the heart of the problem.

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