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Ghost Dance Religion

ghost Dance Religion

than the title implies: a treatment of Shoshone Ghost Dance songs in their more general Great Basin context. The Ghost Dance Religion caught on in Sioux Indian Reservations. The agents asked for government intervention in the dancing. Generally speaking, these communities are "fundamentalist in theology, conservative in their practice, and often revivalistic and evangelical." 5, many Native Americans also practice Christianity in combination with another tribal religion.

Immediately following the massacre of Wounded Knee (December 29, 1890 the. Ghost, dance, religion demonstrates that the, ghost, dance was not a single religion, but had two branches-the Great Basin branch, a nature. Ghost - dance, religion and the Sioux Outbreak of 1890.

It spread through the Western Great Lakes region to other Native American tribes such as the Chippewa (Ojibway Meskwaki (Fox Kickapoo, Menominee, Potawatomi, and Winnebago violence in Media (Ho-chunk) and the golden hill paugussetts. In fact, some bands of Sioux were so desperate during wartime for hope that they strengthened their militancy after making a pilgrimage to Nevada. 126 Neusner, Jacob,. It was passed on August 11, 1978. The lands are also defined by qualitative, psychological and sensory aspects that are often viewed as non-conventional to non-Indian religions in America.

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